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About Cooperstown Carriage Company

Our horses are Registered Haflingers. The breed, originated from Austria and are our choice of horse because of the breeds sturdiness, stamina and excellent disposition.

Cooperstown Carriage Company horses are well trained and seasoned. Our horses are very comfortable in the Town & City/Fairs/Parade Settings including heavy traffic, car horns, large crowds, loud noises, fireworks and even helicopters!

Our horses wear manure receptacles “Bun Bags”, so won't leave any messes behind. A horse can easily pull a wheeled vehicle that is six times his/her own weight.

Draft Horses are bred to work in harness. In fact, the exercise keeps them healthy. Horses recognize, respond to and develop an affection for their caregivers/drivers.


Our carriages are all new 2010 Roberts Carriages. The surrey carriage will accept 7 passengers and will serve as our Guided and Group Tour vehicle. The Vis a' Vis is a beautiful antique looking carriage with curved fenders, leather accents, antique lamps, fold back top, upholstered tufted seats. The Vis a' Vis will be used for Weddings, Private tours and special occasions.

Our Carriages are equipped with hydraulic brakes and electric lights to ensure your safety. Most of our carriages have convertible tops to allow for tours and rides, rain or shine.

Our Surrey will have a driver and assistant dressing in a Cooperstown Carriage Uniform. Our Vis a’ Vis will be attended by a Coachman and a Footman dressed in a Tuxedo. Our courteous, professional staff will attend to your comfort & safety, rain or shine.

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